Mission and Objectives

Our Mission & Approach

The BOIV was formed to provide religious and spiritual leadership to Muslims in Victoria and contribute to the harmony of the Victorian community by promoting positive relations between Muslims and people of different faiths, and greater public knowledge and understanding of the Islamic teachings, customs and practices.

The BOIV envisages to practice and promote respectful relationships, tolerance and understanding between different ethnic groups among Muslims and other faith communities.

The BOIV recognises and supports the right of individuals in Victoria to practice their religion freely and with integrity provided they abide by the state’s laws and do not incite religious hatred.

Our Objectives

BOIV strives to;

  • Strengthen the Islamic faith, its teachings and rules based on the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through good counselling amongst Muslims.
  • Provide effective religious and spiritual leadership for all Muslims in Victoria.
  • Advance all efforts towards greater unity and solidarity among the Imams, Islamic scholars (Ulema) and Islamic organisations in Victoria
  • Develop strategic programs to deal with new and emerging issues and challenges facing Islam and Muslims particularly in education, family relationships, dispute resolution etc.
  • Organise Islamic events such as conferences, training programs, interfaith dialogues to enhance greater understanding of Islamic teachings, customs and culture among Muslim youth and wider Victorian faith communities .
  • Provide a point of reference for government, media, or any interested person or group who wish to know more about Islamic teachings, customs and culture in Victoria.