BOIV’s New Hijri Year Message

Sheikh Isse Abdo MUSSE, the president of BOIV and the member Imams would like to send their warmest Islamic New Year Greetings to all Muslims in Victoria and Australia. We begin the Islamic Hijri year 1444 with optimism and hope for the bright future of our community and the Muslims all over the world. We have been gone through a long and protracted struggles since 2020 and there are signs of recovery and ease in the coming years.  As Allah SWT said; ‘Verily, along with every hardship is relief’.

Sheikh Isse urges the community to be grateful to Allah SWT for His favours and remember those who are less fortunate and having to struggle for their daily needs. Millions of Muslims are living in dire conditions and it’s our duty to lend a helping hand in whatever way possible. Please keep them in your prayers.

Happy and prosperous New Year for all.