Family Violence Upskilling Workshop For Imams and Community Leaders.

Board of Imams Victoria hosted a Family Violence Upskilling Workshop for Imams and Community leaders at BOIV Multi-Function Centre in Thomastown on July 23-24, 2022. The workshop was to prepare Imams and community leaders with necessary skills to engage in primary prevention and early intervention work in the community. About 20 Imams and Community members have participated in the workshop. The two day workshop was facilitated by Dr. Nada Ibrahim and Sheikh Muhammad Saleem. The participants were able to discuss the prevalence of family violence in the Muslim community, the drivers of family violence, and learn how to recognize, respond, refer victim survivors to appropriate service providers in a friendly and safe environment. Board of Imams Victoria is hoping to organise many more training programs in the future in family violence primary intervention and prevention.

Some of the workshop participants