COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown of public housing towers in North Melbourne, Kensington, Carlton and other places in Melbourne brought us together as Victorians and extend necessary assistance to the affected families so that they can navigate the difficulties with ease and respectfully. 

It is indeed a challenging time not only for the affected families but also for the Government and Government agencies as well as other service providers, volunteers, community organisations and everyone involved in alleviating suffering from the affected individuals and  families.

We heard many heart-warming stories of bringing happiness to those found to be positive to COVID 19 and those who are quarantined in their small dwellings in the towers.

We thank all of them and recognise them for their selfless sacrifices specially the volunteers. We would like to share their stories so that the community can appreciate it.

Please share with us if you have a story to tell and send it to