Media Statement

The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said ‘A sick person should not go to one who is healthy’. (Muslim)

Board of Imams Victoria appeals to the Muslim community members living in northern suburbs to get tested for corona virus (COVID 19) even if you experience mild symptoms of the virus. 

Health and Human Services (DHHS) reported that there were 39 cases across 11 households in the northern suburbs cluster. 

Anyone who is exposed to any suspected close contact should come forward and get tested immediately.  Testing is the only way to eliminate the risk of spreading this virus among our loved ones in the family and the community at large.

It’s not prudent for anyone to hide the symptoms and keep quite to avoid isolation or quarantining. You may be putting your health and the health of everyone around you at risk and doing a disservice to the efforts of DHHS to arrest this extremely contagious virus.

Let’s stand together and help us to minimise, if not eliminate the spread of the COVID 19 virus by strictly adhering to the DHHS guidelines on wearing face masks, maintaining physical distancing and avoiding social gatherings.

What we have achieved so far is the collective sacrifices we made in the past few months. Let’s continue for a short period of time to make sure we are out of the woods in this fight against COVID 19 virus.