January 20, 2022

Services provided by the Board of Imams, Victoria

Download forms required for marriage / nikah

Notice of Intended Marriage Form (Word)
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List of Marriage Celebrants

Sheikh Moustapha Sarakibi 0402 337 304
Sheikh Muhammad Saleem – mohamadu1 @ 0433 924 197
Sheikh Isse Abdo Musse 0402 555 202
Sheikh Majdih Essa 0431 983 983
Sheikh Moustafa Hassan 0411 675 935
Sheikh Alaa Elzokm0420 435 456

One of the important services provided by Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV) since its inception in 1984 is ‘mediation and arbitration’. Muslims families and individuals have been approaching the BOIV on a daily basis to seek guidance on various type of disputes. Family dispute resolution has become one of the core businesses of BOIV in recent years.

As the number of clients seeking our service in dispute resolution is on the rise, the BOIV decided to establish a dedicated committee of qualified Imams to deal with dispute resolution service. Known as “Islamic Family Arbitration and Mediation Panel” – ( مجلس التحكيم العائلي ), the committee has been actively involved in mediation among the Muslim community since 2004. Hundreds of families and couples have benefited from its services so far.

As an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), the decisions and judgements of the “Islamic Family Arbitration and Mediation Panel” – ( مجلس التحكيم العائلي ) has been well received by our clients and recognised by Courts here in Australia and overseas. We deal with disputes on Islamic Marriage and Divorce matters ONLY. We do not have legal authority to deal with child custody or property issues. However, we are able to refer such matters to other agencies such as ‘Relationship Centres’.

Mediation and Arbitration service that we provide is complimentary to civil law provisions governing the citizens of this country and within the ADR structure currently practised in Australia.

Those who need our services are encouraged to make an application. 

Download the Application for Mediation/Reconciliation, Arbitration or Islamic Divorce (Word)

Narrated Abdullah bin Umar: Allah’s Apostle said;

“It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to stay for two nights without having his last will and testament written and kept ready with him.” (Sahih al Bukhari)

Narrated Abu Huraira: A man asked the Prophet, “O Allah’s Apostle! What kind of charity is the best?” He replied.

“To give in charity when you are healthy and greedy hoping to be wealthy and afraid of becoming poor. Don’t delay giving in charity till the time when you are on the death bed when you say, ‘Give so much to so-and-so and so much to so-and so,’ and at that time the property is not yours but it belongs to so-and-so (i.e. your inheritors).” (Sahih al Bukhari)

A ‘Will’ is a legal document that spells out the wishes of deceased person for the distribution of his/her assets. In Australia, if a person passes away without leaving a legally valid will, his/her assets will be distributed according to the ‘laws of intestacy’. The Will Probate and Administration Act sets out a strict list of beneficiaries of an estate when a person dies without a ‘Will’.

Why an Islamic ‘Will’?

A legally valid Islamic ‘Will’ guarantees that the wishes of the deceased person and his assets are dealt with according to his/her wishes. Distribution of assets, guardianship of minor children, burial rites, paying off debts and unpaid zakath, bequest options, dealing with unforseen medical conditions (eg. brain death, dementia), organ donation, autopsy and similar issues can be set out in accordance with Shariah principles in a legally valid Islamic ‘Will’.

Muslim inheritance law

The Board of Imams Victoria is in collaboration with Wasiyyah, a service established to make the process of writing a Will that is in accordance with Islamic guidelines and the Australian legal system as simple as possible.

Wasiyyah is 100% not-for-profit and all proceeds go towards da’wah initiatives including the Board of Imam Victoria’s activities.

Use the discount code BOIV when purchasing your Will from their website ( to get $25 OFF your Islamic Will & support the Board of Imam Victoria’s activities.

More details here:

Islamic Burial (Janaza) Services

Death is the inevitable truth. Islam encourages its adherence to contemplate and be prepare for it with virtuous deeds. A companion once got up and said: O Prophet of Allah, who is the most sagacious and the most prudent among the people? He replied;

‘Those who are most aware of death and prepare themselves for it. They are the wisest of people and will have honour in this world and a generous reward in the Hereafter’.

Majority of Ulema are of the opinion that it’s the ‘collective obligation’ (Fardu Kifayah) of the Muslim community to carry out the last rites of a dead Muslim. Preparation of the dead for the burial include;

  1. Cleaning & Washing.
  2. Shrouding.
  3. Attending the funeral prayer
  4. Burying.

There are many registered Islamic Burial Service providers in Victoria. We recommend the community to contact the service providers directly or get advice from your local Imam.

BOIV in collaboration with Zakat Foundation has been collecting Zakat from the Muslim community for local distribution. We are experiencing an ever growing need from local Muslims from all quarters who are facing economic hardship.

Please consider contributing part of your Zakat to local Muslims through the Zakat Foundation. Please inquire further at the Zakat Foundation Office ( 1300 663 729 ) or simply visit their website.

We also collect sadaqathul Fitr. This year sadaqathul Fitr A$ 12.00 per person

Zakath al maal 2.5% and the threshold (Nisab) of Zakat Al-Maal will be AU$ 4,741.30

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