Funeral Services

Islamic Burial (Janaza) Services

Death is the inevitable truth. Islam encourages its adherence to contemplate and be prepare for it with virtuous deeds. A companion once got up and said: O Prophet of Allah, who is the most sagacious and the most prudent among the people? He replied;

“Those who are most aware of death and prepare themselves for it. They are the wisest of people and will have honour in this world and a generous reward in the Hereafter”

Majority of Ulema are of the opinion that it’s the ‘collective obligation’ (Fardu Kifayah) of the Muslim community to carry out the last rites of a dead Muslim. Preparation of the dead for the burial include; 

  1. Cleaning & Washing.
  2. Shrouding.
  3. Attending the funeral prayer
  4. Burying.

There are many registered Islamic Burial Service providers in Victoria. We recommend the community to contact the service providers directly or get advice from your local Imam.


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