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Mediation, Arbitration & Dissolution of Islamic Marriage

One of the important services provided by Board of Imams Victoria (BOIV) since its inception in 1984 is ‘mediation and arbitration’. Muslims families and individuals have been approaching the BOIV on a daily basis to seek guidance on various type of disputes. Family dispute resolution has become one of the core businesses of BOIV in recent years.

As the number of clients seeking our service in dispute resolution is on the rise, the BOIV decided to establish a dedicated committee of qualified Imams to deal with dispute resolution service. Known as “Islamic Family Arbitration and Mediation Panel” – ( مجلس التحكيم العائلي ), the committee has been actively involved in mediation among the Muslim community since 2004. Hundreds of families and couples have benefited from its services so far.

As an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), the decisions and judgements of the “Islamic Family Arbitration and Mediation Panel” – ( مجلس التحكيم العائلي ) has been well received by our clients and recognised by Courts here in Australia and overseas. We deal with disputes on Islamic Marriage and Divorce matters ONLY. We do not have legal authority to deal with child custody or property issues. However, we are able to refer such matters to other agencies such as ‘Relationship Centres’.

Mediation and Arbitration service that we provide is complimentary to civil law provisions governing the citizens of this country and within the ADR structure currently practised in Australia.

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