What We Do

The primary activity of the BOIV is to promote Islam as a complete and comprehensive way of life based on Holy Quran and Sunnah (the authentic traditions) of the Prophet Muhammad SAW and bring unity and solidarity among  Muslims in Victoria.  

Religious Leadership

BOIV provides guidance and advice to both Muslims and the Australian public on Islamic religious issues that affects the day-to-day life of every individual Muslims.

Dispute Resolution Services

Through ‘Council of Islamic family Arbitration and Mediation (CiFAM)’ we offer family mediation and arbitration, couple counselling and dissolution of Islamic marriages.

Islamic Da'wah & Interfaith Programs

BOIV organises Islamic lectures & workshops and engage with wider Muslim community through Mosques, Islamic centres and online. BOIV is the active member of many interfaith groups such JCMA, Multifaith Advisory Group under the Multicultural Commission and many more.

Family Violence Prevention Project

BOIV provides upskilling workshops for Imams and community leaders to understand and respond to family violence in the community. (Funded)

Family Counselling & Couple Therapy

In collaboration with Sacred Balance Services, BOIV offers counselling for Muslim couples and families counselling services. 

Chaplaincy Program

BOIV is the member of University Chaplaincy. We also offer chaplaincy services to public schools.

Community Integration and Support Program (CISP)


Youth & Community Outreach Program

As part of CISP program, we have been reaching out to Youth organisations and help them organise camps, tours, and sport & leisure activities.


BOIV engages with other faith organisations advocate with the Government agencies on issues affecting religious communities and Muslims.